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Rozemarijn van Mondfrans-Hiemstra

Dr. Rozemarijn van Mondfrans-Hiemstra graduated from the VU in Amsterdam in 2010. After her medical studies, she started working at a clinic for cosmetic and plastic surgical treatments. There she mainly focused on Dermatology. Skin disorders have had her interest since her childhood. Treating it at a later age was therefore a logical step in her career.

Later she was offered the opportunity to specialize in hair transplants. She has previously been in countries such as France, Sweden and Norway and has also received various training courses in the Netherlands.

Because she always wanted something for herself, she set up eClinic.


Drs. Van Mondfrans is open in her approach and ensures that people feel at ease.


Anne-Loes Ripken-de Bruin

Mrs. Anne-Loes Ripken-de Bruin is 32 years old, married and the mother of 2 sons.

After first completing the Art, Culture and Entertainment training she started to study Nursing. I now know that my heart was in healthcare. I was trained as a nurse in the hospital in 4 years. I have worked in different departments and gained a lot of experience. Despite the fact that I performed my work with great pleasure, I was ready for a new challenge.

I noticed that I had trouble with the high workload, which meant there was less and less time for the patients. And it is precisely that patient care and giving sincere attention that I get so much satisfaction from. That is why working in a private clinic seemed like the ideal solution for me and I decided to work at eClinic after more than 12 years of hospital.

It is a completely different interpretation of my profession as a nurse, because hair transplants are under cosmetic care. But assisting the doctor, guiding our clients, preparing for treatment and providing aftercare are activities that I know of course.

I found it very nice to get to know a different branch of healthcare and to develop myself within hair transplants. I enjoy working at eClinic with a great deal of pleasure and I get a lot of satisfaction from the joy of our customers, the fact that we as a team have all the attention and time for them and we work together in a very good atmosphere in a small setting.


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