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Mrs. Rozemarijn van Mondfrans-Hiemstra graduated from VU University Amsterdam in 2010 and is the doctor of eClinic. After her medical studies, she started working at a clinic for cosmetic and plastic surgical treatments. There she mainly focused on Dermatology and hair transplants.

Skin disorders have had her interest since her childhood. Treatment at a later age was therefore a logical step in her career as a doctor.

Later she was offered the opportunity to specialize in hair transplants. She has previously been in countries such as France, Sweden and Norway and has also received various training courses in the Netherlands. eClinic is a logical outcome for her, since she has always wanted to start her own place.

Mrs. Rozemarijn van Mondfrans-Hiemstra is open in her approach and ensures that people always feel at ease.

Also you can view her LinkedIn. Rozemarijn van Mondfrans-Hiemstra is BIG registered under number: 29913543501 and is affiliated with the ISHRS.

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