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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. Do you have a question that is not listed? Ask your question via email or the contact form so that we can reply to you


What is a graft?

A graft is a piece of skin that can contain anything between one and seven hairs. This differs per person. Depending on the donor area / permanent area on the back of your head, the doctor can determine how many can be moved and then put back in the calmer area.

Can a hair transplant be done on everyone?

Provided there is sufficient donor hair, a hair transplant can be performed on everyone. Your health is also important, for personal advice about the possibilities you can always contact us. You can schedule a free consultation online.

From what age can a hair transplant be performed?

A hair transplant can be performed at any age. Sometimes we also treat young children, for example those with a scar.

How long does a treatment take?

Depending on the number of grafts / hairs to be moved, a treatment takes from a few hours up to the entire day.

Why not go abroad for a hair transplant?

Many people may see the benefits of doing a hair transplant abroad.
Below are some important questions that you must ask yourself:

What about the hygiene in the clinic there?
Are you sure you are being treated by a doctor?
Can I reach the clinic if I have questions afterwards?
Do I get clear instructions from the clinic about what to do and what not to do?

Before the hair transplant

What can I not do before for the treatment?

You can still do almost anything before treatment. Our advice is to reduce smoking, drinking and drugs in the two weeks prior to your treatment.
Coffee, tea, energy drinks, carbonated drinks must be stopped the day before due to the tendency of increased bleeding.

During the treatment

How many hairs are transplanted per treatment?

This depends entirely on your wishes, the possibilities, the type of hair and the quality of your hair. The doctor will discuss this with you.

How long does a treatment take?

Depending on the number of grafts / hairs to be moved, a treatment takes a few hours to the entire day.

Does it hurt?

Only the numbing injection is somewhat sensitive to some. Think of anesthesia at the dentist. After everything has been numbed, you will no longer feel the rest of the treatment.

After the treatment

How long does transplanted hair last?

The transplanted hair will last a lifetime because the hair has been removed from the permanent area.

Are there any (temporary) side effects after the hair transplant?

In principle no, but in some cases flakes appear on the scalp, which will disappear automatically.

Can I dye my hair after a hair transplant?

You should not dye your hair for a month after treatment to minimize the risk of infection.

Can I drink alcohol after the hair transplant?

Due to the medication you receive, you may not consume alcohol for up to 4 days after the treatment.

When is the end result of the hair transplant visible?

The end result will be visible after 1 year up to 1.5 years in some cases. Sometimes, after about 12 weeks, a period occurs during which the transplanted hair falls out. This is normal, it just grows back afterwards.

Can I sleep normally after the hair transplant?

You may sleep normally depending on the location of the treated area. For example: you have had your crown treated, then you can assume that when you go to sleep on your back, the new hairs in that area might be damaged. In this case it is better to lie on your side. When you have had your eyebrows treated, it is better to lie on your back. So you can sleep with it. Your doctor will advise more about this after the treatment.

Can I take pain killers after the hair transplant?

Only paracetamol may be used after treatment. Do not take medicines such as ibuprofen or aspirin. If you use certain medicines, we will determine in consultation with you whether you can take them.

Are there risks and complications associated with a hair transplant?

After you have completed each question from the medical questionnaire, the doctor will determine whether a hair transplant is suitable for you and whether adjustments may need to be made to the medicines that you are taking. For example, risks are already largely excluded. You will also be given a number of medicines to take home to exclude certain complications.

What should I do if there is bleading after the hair transplant?

You get gauze pads for these kinds of bleadings. Do not you worry; Grab a gauze and fold it up. Press the gauze with pressure for one minute. Make sure you do not damage the newly placed hair. Simply hold it still without moving over the hair. Otherwise these could come out.

Can I wash my hair after the hair transplant?

On the treatment day you will receive instructions from the doctor about when you can wash the transplanted hair again. Usually this is after four days. You can wash the rest of your head again immediately after treatment. At eClinic we have a clear schedule for you with washing instructions.

What activities can I do after the hair transplant?

You can pick up most things immediately after the transplant. Heavy physical exertion and swimming should be avoided for some time. You will receive more explanation after the treatment.

Do I have to protect my head against the sun after the hair transplant?

You must protect your head against the sun for up to a month and a half after treatment. This is to prevent skin discoloration after treatment. So you can sit under a canopy or wear headgear, but you should avoid activities in full sunlight.

How long does the healing process take after treatment?

After 1-2 weeks, the donor area is fully recovered and you can resume most activities. After two weeks you will receive a check-up appointment at eClinic, where we will examine the skin. Both the donor area and the transplanted area are checked. If both areas look calm and good, most activities can be resumed as before the treatment.

Is the recovery painful?

The donor area is the only area that is sometimes more sensitive after treatment. This sensitivity will disappearafter a few days. You can also take a paracetamol in case of pain.

Can I wear a cap or hat after the treatment?

If you feel you need to, you may wear a cap or hat as long as it does not touch the treated area. Wearing a hat or bandana is not permitted after the treatment. This has to do with the fact that the transplanted hairs are not yet firmly attached to the skin. The chance of damage is therefore high.

What is the course of hair growth after a hair transplant in the following months?

In the week immediately after the treatment, it will be apparent that hair in the donor area is growing again. About the same speed as the beard growth. After four days you will notice that because of the hair growth in the donor area, the skin looks calmer, but the dots have also virtually disappeared. The hair in the transplanted area will also grow immediately. First small stubble can be seated, after which the hair will slowly have to get the length of the other hairs again. Because hair grows slowly, the end result is visible after about a year.

Can you do your hair again / use gel after a hair transplant?

Getting your hair back into shape with gel and other hair products can be done again as soon as you have been back for a checkup to the doctor of eClinic after two weeks. This has to do with the recovery of the skin.

Can you comb your hair after a hair transplant?

Yes, combing hair after a hair transplant can be done as usual, but make sure you do not touch the transplanted area. Explanations about these types of issues can be discussed in the free consultation.

Can I go straight to the hairdresser after a hair transplant?

Five days after the treatment you can have your hair cut at the hairdresser's. Dyeing etc must be discussed in consultation with the doctor at the checkup appointment after two weeks after your treatment.

About the clinic

Why should I choose eClinic for a hair transplant?

eClinic works exclusively with doctors and assistants with several years of experience with hair transplants. You are therefore not treated by hair-technicians, "practitioners" or other non-certified people.


Do I get a guarantee on my hair transplant?

Every person is different and every hair transplant can give a different result. Because the doctor has carefully examined your skin and with the medical questionnaire, the doctor can make a fairly accurate prediction of what the result will be. However, since a hair transplant is a medical cosmetic treatment and 100% certainty about the result is almost never possible, you will not receive a guarantee with eClinic.

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