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Do you feel baldness is an annoying problem?


eClinic offers a potential solution for this by means of hair transplant using the FUE method. Baldness is a common and annoying problem, both for women and men. Visit us if you have a bald crown, or require fuller temples, but also eyebrows or bald spots due to scars. For hair transplants in women you are also welcome to come for a visit. These days, these kind of problems are relatively easy to solve. No long stays in a hospital nor bed rest afterwards. Just go back home and relax after your treatment!




  • With us you do not have to be completely shaved!
  • The whole treatment is carried out by the doctor
  • Discreet location of our clinic
  • Free consultation
  • One treatment per day, you are not part of an assembly line!
  • Consultation by a doctor
  • Available 24/7 after treatment
  • Own private space available on treatment day
  • Almost 10 years of experience