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FUE method for hair transplants at eClinic

Hair for the hairline, a place where scalp is visible or a scar, are removed from the back of the head using the FUE method. Part of the back of the head is numbed for this. This feels a bit like the pricks at the dentist.

With the FUE method we remove hair follicles including healthy hair with a small punch and place so-called “graft” elsewhere in the scalp. This method is almost painless, causes virtually no blood loss or swelling and leaves no long scars.

After a few hours (depending on the size of the area) you can go home again. And of course you will be offered a delicious lunch from midday.


eClinic hair transplants offers two FUE techniques

The standard FUE and the Micro FUE

With the Standard FUE a small punch is used: grafts of 1-5 hairs are putback.

With the Micro FUE, sometimes also called the stem cell FUE, grafts of 1-3 hairs are moved. With this technique you can greatly increase the density in a specific location.

Some people also have the chance of developing white spots with the Standard technique, which is almost non-existent with the Micro technique.


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