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We are very proud of the experiences of our clients

eClinic hair transplants and our treatments

A hair transplant is a medical cosmetic treatment. Hair is moved from one place to another. But it also happens that a hair transplant is done to repair the result of a hair disease or skin condition. Baldness can therefore have various causes.

Our different hair transplants:

  • For men: crown, temples, scars. But also eyebrows and, for example, body hair transplants. The bald spot in men is often caused by the genetic form of baldness. This sometimes also occurs with women. Very suitable to treat with a hair transplant. Baldness in women often has a different cause than in men. Women often have a form of dropout that usually starts with the seperation.
  • For women: often hair loss on top of the head, which initially does not manifest clearly on the sides.
  • Eyebrows: due to failed tattooing / permanent make-up or too much epilation, a skin disease or the use of medication.
  • Scars on the head or in the eyebrows are things that can also be treated with a hair transplant.
  • A bare spot that has been present since birth.
  • Body hair transplants are also possible, for example chest hair to the head and the like.

eClinic hair transplants are unique

A free consultation at eClinic is easy to book via our online agenda: free consultation

At eClinic the doctor, not a consultant, will check if you are suitable for a hair transplant. That means we will look at the hair and skin. Because not everyone is the same, it is important that at the consultation detailed discussions are held for you.

A treatment plan is then drawn up for you, so that you immediately know what is involved and what the costs will be for you.

The treatment in our clinic is performed by medical specialists.

Transparency and openness with eClinic

Our treatments and the information about them are very transparent. That means that we will inform you clearly and openly about the hair transplant.
So no small print with us!
Today you can easily make an appointment for this free consultation for a hair transplant. You can use the online appointment tool. You can even schedule your appointment in the evenings or during the weekend, so there is always a time that suits you.

Need more information?

Book a free consultation online now.
This is also possible in the evenings and on the weekend. Is your preferred time not listed? Feel free to call us on 035-6315295 or email us at

21 October, 2021

"Very satisfied"
A relaxed atmosphere in which there is room for all the questions I wanted to ask. I am very satisfied with the result.

12 October, 2021

Great clinic!”

After much muddling through, we decided to undergo a treatment. After research I decided to find a doctor who is affiliated with ISHRS, to my knowledge a proven doctor like Rosemary who knows all about hair and transplantation. that's how I ended up at eclinic. Consultation with rosemary and julien was especially clear about what is possible and what is not, and what is and what is not feasible. That's already a nice feeling.
The treatment itself was 1000% better than expected, I did not experience any pain and the time flies by. Doctor Julien has performed the treatment almost completely. I have experienced that as very pleasant, he reassures you and knows what he is doing. Julien is a calm man/doctor who takes his work very seriously, he has a passion for it and it shows. There is a lot of consultation during the treatment, even down to the smallest details, they are seriously looked at with rosemary, anne-loes and julien, julien also managed that perfectly from my experience. If I ever want to do a treatment again, I would like julien to do it. The assistant Anne-loes is the pivot of the treatment, who calms you down when you are a bit tense and who makes you really feel at home, she mentally drags you through it in such a way that the treatment is fun and cosy, even if you don't have much yourself talk. The days after it is doable, all information is clear. With me, at least 60% of the transplanted hair has remained. And everything else is now starting to grow. What has already been achieved after 3 months is already amazing! It looks so natural, I am very satisfied with this clinic, doctors and assistants, these 3 people have passion for their profession and you notice that in everything, hygiene is taken very seriously! Contact after the time is perfect, you will receive a quick answer to the questions you have.

25 June, 2021

Top treatment ”

After the necessary research on the internet I ended up at EClinic, this is really a relief if you compare it with the cowboys in the market who mainly talk about the amount of grafts etc. Rosemary gives honest and expert advice and you know clearly in advance what is possible. The price is great and on the day of the treatment they have all the attention for you! After the treatment you will of course have some recovery time but it was not so bad and afterwards I should have had it done much earlier. So far I am very satisfied and looking forward to the end result!

13 June, 2021

“Eclinic Laren excellent!”

I am very satisfied with the result of my hair transplant that I had in February 2020 at Eclinic in Laren. In addition, I am very positive about the professionalism, expertise and customer-friendliness of the team.

9 June, 2021

"Definitely recommend"

I am very satisfied with the end result, exactly as hoped. Super nice team, helpful, professional and experienced :) I'm glad I chose this clinic! I would definitely recommend them!

18 April, 2021


Nice, no nonsense people, who know what they are talking about and don't promise golden mountains, but are realistic and inform you well. You really feel like you're not a number at the cash register. The treatment was good, neat and correct, a lot of attention for your well-being and neat after-treatment. Communication is really fine.

29 March, 2021

“Excellent and professional help”

Good and extensive information and guidance before and after. Both doctor Rozemarijn and assistant Anne-loes are very nice people and you immediately feel at ease. Treatment was really doable and the days after too. Curious about the end result.

7 March, 2021

“Reliable and high-quality clinic”

This is pre-eminently a clinic where you can have an HT performed with confidence. Friendly, but above all knowledgeable staff, with the doctor performing the procedure from A-Z himself. That alone sets this clinic apart from many others.

Before I came to eClinic I had been orientating myself for about 1.5 years, but the parties I spoke with were never really trusted, so I didn't take the plunge earlier. I spoke with a clinic from Turkey (quickly crossed a line; what if something goes wrong on site or afterwards), and 2 other Dutch clinics that also did not feel good (I was able to go the next day, and the rest of the week was also no problem). The desk staff and the atmosphere of the intake (hurried, and no realistic estimate of what had to be done and what effect that would have) were also mediocre.

Finally, after a few months, I looked further (the lockdown also helped in the decision to take it again, with a view to recovering at home compared to your workplace), and came across eClinic via favorable Google reviews. Read the experiences on this site in detail, and then made an appointment for an intake.

The intake with Rozemarijn and her assistant Anne-Loes is very extensive, certainly not a one-way street/sales talk like I had experienced with the others, and is realistic in creating (and also discussing extensively) expectations. We think along with you, and the procedure itself is explained in detail. Almost immediately after the intake (1 December) I agreed to the treatment.

Initially, due to the crowds, the treatment would take place at the end of March, but due to a lost reservation, I was able to go on February 9th. The treatment itself went very well. They are busy with you all day, and therefore take extensive time for you. First we look at your haircut, in my case I didn't have to be shaved. The anesthetic injections are not that bad, and the treatment is completely painless. I drove home myself after the treatment, and then the recovery process could begin.

Looking back on the treatment and the first weeks after, the treatment itself was not much (it is just a long session), but the first 14 days afterwards are the "heaviest". For the first few days, the anesthetic will slowly sink down from your forehead, causing swelling. After about 4 days you no longer recognize yourself in the mirror. As soon as you start to hang your head down you will feel the swelling increase, so pay attention to that in the first few days.. the best thing you can do is run a Netflix marathon for a few days, without moving your head too much. In retrospect, I would have preferred to have taken the prednisolone (which you receive after the treatment) immediately, that might have limited it a bit more. All in all, the swelling had completely disappeared after 5 days, so it was not that bad in itself.

The impact on sleep was ultimately the greatest. The first 14 days you should spare the treated area (in my case the front of the head) as much as possible, and not let it come into contact with your pillow, for example. I slept with an airplane pillow on my back for 2 weeks, to protect the area as much as possible. Annoying, but not much more than a minor inconvenience.

I am more than satisfied with the result. A very natural hairline has been drawn, which I am very happy with. This is really a profession in its own right, so pay attention to this in your search. I now see that the hairs are starting to grow slowly, and I look forward to the further course of the year, in which the end result will slowly become visible. But based on how it looks now, I'm very confident in that.

Congratulations and thanks to Rozemarijn and Anne-Loes for the treatment!

2 November, 2020

"Hairline lowered. Totally worth it!"

2 years ago I had my first hair transplant at Rozemarijn. I had visited 4 other clinics during that period to assess what suited me best and mainly felt good. Most of the clinics I had visited were very commercial. For example, I had a conversation with a salesperson at one of the clinics. At eClinic you have the consultation with the person who is also treating you. And therefore you can trust that the gene can answer all your questions. I also had a really good feeling with Rosemary. Before but of course also after the treatment.

I am a 28 year old lady and I made the decision to have a hair transplant because I was not happy with my hairline. I had a pretty big forehead that I was always insecure about.
After my first treatment I was very satisfied. It's quite scary having your hair shaved in the donor area (gumped), but it's all worth it! At the front you could of course see an area where the new hairs have been placed. That is why I also had a lock (in advance) cut (at the hairdresser) so that it is not fully visible. You can hardly see it! Colleagues, friends and even my family didn't notice anything. This is of course nice because you do not always want to and do not have to be open about this to others. Furthermore, I have not had any swelling after both treatments, but that is of course different for everyone.

I advise everyone who wants to do a hair transplant to treat you at eClinic. You will immediately notice that you are in good hands. The assistant of Rozemarijn, Anneloes is also a nice lady where they both show what a good team they are. My compliments and thanks again!

8 October, 2020

“A reliable honest clinic”

You don't just do a hair transplant, which is why I was looking for a clinic where the treatment is also performed by a doctor. You see more and more that a hair transplant is seen as assembly line work, and you are not informed in advance "who will perform the treatment" the intake at some clinics is done by someone with a lot of sales experience who offers a product "a service". want to sell. At E Clinic you have direct contact with the executive doctor Rozemarijn, and you will be provided with honest advice. hence my choice for E clinic. The treatment went well, little to no pain over time, and the treated area looks fine. I would like to thank Rozemarijn and Anneloes (the assistant) for the good care!

4 October, 2020

“Top clinic!”

In fact, everything was just very, very good. The (free) first consultation, with extensive explanation and honest advice, the pleasant reception and of course the excellent treatment. Now, 10 months later, I am extremely satisfied with the result.

23 July, 2020

“From A to Z superb. Good information in advance. Treatment was very pleasant. Aftercare fantastic.”

Super from A to Z. Good information in advance. Treatment was very pleasant. Aftercare fantastic. Very nice clinic and Rozemarijn and Anne-Loes really take the time for you.

1 July, 2020

“the treatment and the result were excellent”
everything that happened was good the only thing that surprised me was that you were told that you were served a good lunch which was ''just'' a pistolet with ham or cheese

19 July, 2020

Good expert service. From the intake interview, the treatment, to the follow-up process. It went very smoothly and everything was clear.

22 June, 2020

I am very excited about the clinic. Rosemary honestly indicated what could or could not be done with regard to my amount of donor hair. Both the pre-process and during and after the treatment I was very well helped. Rosemary is careful and professional. They thought along with me about what is best for me in terms of hairline and amount of grafts. The treatment went well and was virtually painless. I am more than satisfied with the result!

21 June, 2020

For years I had been thinking about getting something done about my coves. Fear of a taboo on this held me back. I had also looked on the internet, but I found it difficult to find a pleasant clinic. I overcame my fear of the taboo by thinking that if I ever lost my front teeth I would have them replaced at the dentist, why not if I lose my hair? Once I found the Eclinic website, I also crossed the other threshold. It gave me a pleasantly familiar feeling, no screaming story, just in the Netherlands and very important not to have my entire head shaved. It took a while before I actually dared to make contact. Once I had had contact with Rozemarijn and Anne-Loes, it immediately felt good. I have not been to another clinic to compare. The treatment day went very well, you are the only "patient" all day. The treatment went well. At the back of my head, my hair still had to be a bit shorter than I had cut at the hairdresser (that was a bit of a shock, but it grew back very quickly). I even fell asleep for a while while removing the donor hairs. The recovery was very quick after that. The first three days were a bit difficult because you have to keep your forehead moist, but afterwards it was not too bad. After 1.5 weeks there were hardly any scabs or anything like that anymore. If I comb my other hair a bit forward, you don't really see it anymore. There are now (3 weeks after the treatment) all small hairs that are growing considerably and so my forehead already looks much fuller with hair. Super happy with this treatment, should have done much sooner and can't wait to see what the final result is. Thank you Anne-loes & Rosemary!

3 May, 2020

There comes a time when you wonder what is actually stopping you from undergoing a hair transplant. For me that was reading an interview with Tim Hofman: it was so easy, he wrote down. So what was holding me back?
Every step in your life nowadays starts with consulting Google. You guessed it: you no longer see the forest for the trees. One promises everything, the other even more. Ultimately, you just have to call and email to really get a good impression. After talking to a few other candidates (one more vaguely than the other), Rosemary simply said send pictures and you'll know what it costs. straight forward. And she kept her word. The intake was relaxed, Anneloes (the assistant) was relaxed; the explanation to the point, the price competitive without compromising on quality or technique.
I am now 3 months further and the first results are clearly visible. I can't wait to see what it will look like in 9 months. The treatment was as expected; a great day to relax and clear your head.

25 February, 2020

Dit is de eerste keer in mijn leven dat, in een commercieel bedrijf, de arts zich gedraagt zoals dat zou moeten. Ik ben 2 keer door drs. Rozemarijn van Mondfrans doorgestuurd naar een dermatoloog voor een biopsie, met overleg en eindresultaat dat het zeer onverstandig bleek te zijn de haartransplantatie uit te voeren.
In ogenschouw nemende dat 2 andere klinieken zonder onderzoek met een offerte kwamen, en klaar stonden een afspraak te maken om de behandeling te doen!
Ik waardeer de inzet van drs. Rozemarijn van Mondfrans en haar vakmanschap om uit eindelijk met een advies te komen om geen haartransplantatie uit te voeren.

France de Ramecourt

25 January, 2020

This is the first time in my life that, in a commercial company, the doctor behaves as he should. I was referred 2 times by drs. Rozemarijn van Mondfrans to a dermatologist for a biopsy, with consultation and the end result that it turned out to be very unwise to carry out the hair transplant.
Considering that 2 other clinics came up with a quote without inquiry, and were ready to make an appointment to do the treatment!
I appreciate the efforts of drs. Rozemarijn van Mondfrans and her craftsmanship to finally come up with an advice not to perform a hair transplant.

France de Ramecourt

19 January, 2020

"Outstanding service"

I came to EClinic through a recommendation from a cousin. The first consultation was very pleasant because of the clear, professional and above all friendly interaction. Communication in the period before the transplant was also clear and good. On the day itself, it really is all about the client. The work only starts when you are completely satisfied with the 'draw lines', you are well looked after during the treatment, you are looked after excellently & luckily (despite the transplant can sometimes be quite annoying) enough laughter in between.

16 January, 2020


Congratulations to Rosemary and her colleagues. Very clear communication, the calm and informal atmosphere puts you at ease from the start of the day. Time is taken for you. Contact by email/phone is great. Everything was perfectly arranged, thanks again.

6 January, 2020


Very clear explanation prior to treatment.
Also responded quickly to questions via email, great!
The treatment is carried out by the doctor himself. There are two assistants during the treatment who check all grafts.
Did everything to make it as comfortable and pain free as possible for you!
Very satisfied and highly recommended this clinic!

25 December, 2019


I contacted eClinic because I was not satisfied with a treatment I had previously received abroad. Rozemarijn and her colleagues are very friendly, knowledgeable and perfectionist in the good sense and have an eye for detail, which I personally prefer.

13 November, 2019


I've had 2 treatments in the meantime, I was pretty apprehensive, but afterwards it was not that bad. Rosemary and her team are very knowledgeable and professional, definitely recommended!

22 August, 2019

The intake interview was very relaxed and ample time was taken for explanations and questions.

It immediately felt good and the choice for this clinic was immediately made.

Have not approached another clinic again. Crown treatment was in 2 phases.

5 June, 2019

"Super results!"
Rosemary always responds quickly and in detail to questions via e-mail, even before you have chosen her for treatment. Together with her team she does everything to put you at ease and to inform you well about the treatment. The treatment itself was very professional. It took almost a whole day, but Rosemary is a perfectionist and has always kept a good focus, which really reassured me. The anesthetic didn't work so well for me, so it hurt a bit in the end. At that time, Rozemarijn's assistant showed me funny films to distract me, which demonstrates great customer-friendliness. I also liked that Rosemary does everything herself, both the consultation and the transplant and the follow-up treatment. I had a lot of faith in her and I am not disappointed. The implanted hairs have already started growing after three weeks and never fell out again (it is now 6 months further). I am very satisfied with the result and with the choice for Eclinic!

1 May, 2019

“Am SATISFIED about my Beard! AWESOME!"

My beard is an important part for me as a person. Unfortunately I experienced bald spots in my beard at a young age. I was dissatisfied with this. I had tried everything to get my beard full again, but nothing helped.

Fortunately I ended up at eClinic and they neatly filled the bald spots in my beard. I am so happy with this! They first removed the hairs [grafts] from the donor area [back of my head and the doctor did this very neatly and proportionally]. And then they sorted them on grafts from which 1, 2 or 3 hairs were taken. For my beard they used grafts with 1 hair root to achieve an optimal and natural result. And this succeeded!

I had few bleeding afterwards or scabs, it is very professionally done. The lunch was delicious and the clinic does not work like a running mass band. On the day itself you are the only patient and for the treatment a drawing was made where the grafts will come and what you think about that as an individual. It is not a mass production clinic and I appreciate that. The doctor likes to think along with you and is open to ideas.

I recommend this clinic, but I think it is also important as a patient to think about future hair loss and to discuss this with a professional expert (therapist) and then make a choice for a clinic. This clinic gets an Excellent mark from me!

1 May, 2019

"Top! Awesome!"
I can highly recommend Rosemary and the clinic for a hair transplant! During the consultation you will be well informed about all the steps needed to achieve a successful hair transplant. Before the treatment it is clearly communicated what you should or should not do. For example, drinking cola, coffee and tea is not recommended a week before and after the transplant with the aim of avoiding risks and optimizing the chances of success of the grafts in the treatment area. It is very nice that all information is given in advance, so that you can prepare well for the transplant. The aftercare has also been very pleasant from Rosemary.
The treatment went well with the treating doctor Rozemarijn and her friendly and professional assistant. A neat, professional and spacious clinic, where there is a lot of personal attention for the patient (you are the only one in a day, and this has been so nice on this day!). Each step clearly explains what the doctor will do and how they will do it. The clinic works with advanced techniques unlike other hair clinics. For example, the treating doctor used an "implator pen". With this technique there is no need to drill holes in the treatment area. The pen in question implants the hairs directly into the bald areas [with the grafts] without causing injuries and reducing the risk of infection, but the most important thing is that the hair density can be greatly improved with this technique!
Most clinics do not use this method (I actually don't understand that! And I think eClinic is the only one that does and invests time and money in expensive equipment based on my research experience). Most hair clinics use old traditional techniques where first the holes in the transplant area are made and then the harvested grafts are inserted, resulting in unnecessary bleeding, possible visible scars, possible injuries, less good hair density, slower recovery time and the chance that the grafts will not get through optimally (loss can increase by 25% based on my research). I give advice, watch videos on youtube or the internet or different treatment methods and then make a choice! For me, eClinic and Rosemary came at the top of my list as the most advanced hair clinic.
Rosemary pays a lot of attention to the individual wishes of her client and explains everything clearly. Unlike other clinics, I didn't have to shave my hair. The grafts could just be placed between my hair. Of course this takes more time and attention from the doctor, but this does not bother the treating doctor, it really concerns her about the client and striving for optimum hair density without risks and complications and loss of grafts. The doctor constantly thinks along with you and has ensured that my hair density has improved enormously. I think this clinic is very accessible to women (partly because you don't have to shave) and the recovery time is faster by using advanced techniques in the field of hair transplants.
The doctor gives me a big thumb! Keep it up!

29 April, 2019

Eyebrow transplant
“Excellent, Very Satisfied!”

Two years ago I had an eyebrow transplant done in a different clinic (well-known clinic in the Netherlands and where many reviews are currently written about). However, this clinic (the name I don't mention here) has seriously ruined my right eyebrow.
Fortunately I ended up with Rosemary and she managed to restore this eyebrow well. Rosemary is the treating doctor and has therefore performed the treatment herself. I am really grateful to her for that!
This is in contrast to the previous clinic, where the doctor persuaded me to do the eyebrow transplant and to tackle other places (which didn't bother me at the time), which further deteriorated my self-esteem and self-confidence. I was bullied in my youth because I had half eyebrows. When I received the transplant at the time (in the previous bad clinic), this doctor did not perform the treatment (he felt too good for that and only wants to treat well-known Dutch people). The treatment was carried out by 3 assistants with minimal work experience and little scientific knowledge, in which they picked 200 grafts. The grafts were not carefully placed and they had picked 40 grafts too many and then they threw them away (such a shame!). The assistants had no scientific knowledge of hair transplants and also ruined my donor area and plucked everything out there. The end result was that I had bald spots in my eyebrows again, because one of the assistants had to go home again and another came in the middle of the treatment.
Afterwards the aftercare was worthless and they placed my photos on their website and instagram profile without permission. Then I wanted to make an appointment, but they said they are busy and never came back to it.
Fortunately, Rosemary (the treating) doctor has neatly sorted this out. She has proceeded with great care and expertise. She has a training in medicine and after that she has gained a lot of experience in hair transplants. She is passionate about her profession and it is not about money at all, like other well-known hair clinics in the Netherlands (do your research really well). She also explained everything well about which types of hair come from 1 graft and where they will be placed. The donor area has divided them evenly, so you cannot see any bald spots in the donor area after the treatment.
I am very satisfied and give her a 10! She has improved my life.

25 April, 2019

"Have 500 grafts placed"

Very nice personal treatment, no pain and, now, a bunch of curls a year later!

25 March, 2019


Very pleasant personal discreet environment and attention. Excellent information and guidance! A lot of attention for optimum results based on the client's expectations. Very expert and professional treatment that was virtually painless and did not result in any kind of after-pain! I am very satisfied and can recommend this clinic to everyone! Great!

23 February, 2019

Treated November 25, 2017
By searching through the internet I came across the eClinic site. The site looked clear, clear and professional and I had a good feeling about it. I then applied for a consultation. My impression from consultationto treatment and follow-up is a great clinic with an expert doctor. The consultationwas clear and clear. Doctor gives a realistic picture of what is possible. Her expertise was clear to me by not just starting the treatment. First a test was done for possible risk of scarring (keloid), this outcome was positive. I have also been referred to the doctor to get a shampoo for my sensitive scalp. After that it is exciting deciding to do the treatment or not. By the professional-looking clinic and the friendly doctor who took my wishes into account, I finally did it. And I am satisfied with the result. On the crown where there was no more hair, now there is hair again. And that gives more confidence and a nice feeling.
The treatment went smoothly. A friendly assistant was also present. That my hair on the sides still had to millimeter with the hair clipper. My fault I had not let it do it short enough. So in advance to the hairdresser for the ultra short sides and a well cut model. A few days later, that saves a ride to the hairdresser. It's also nice that I was treated the only one that day. Makes it just a bit more pleasant. What I also really liked was that you always do everything with the same doctor from start to finish. With the exception of a few anesthetic injections, treatment was completely painless. A relaxed atmosphere is also created during the treatment. The recovery the following days went extremely smoothly. Definitely recommend this clinic.

24 February, 2019


Good medical knowledge, highly skilled, no sales stories, efficient and effective, well-coordinated team, excellent results.

22 February, 2019

"Nothing but praise"

8 years ago underwent a 1st fue treatment and really had doubts after a conversation at the previous clinic. After a consultation at eClinic with the very personal approach with honest advice from Dr. Rosemary van Mondfrans.
As the only patient on the day itself in the clinic with all the attention and care that also resulted in a relaxed atmosphere. Only the anesthetic injections are sensitive, continuous monitoring for additional anesthesia if necessary. The choice is yours with regard to partial or complete shaving and I have the latter done by 1 of the 2 top assistants. Well cared for lunch in between and compared to the first treatment now relatively few 'injuries / crusts' etc. on the treated part. After a good week almost nothing to be seen in terms of treatment. Now I just have to wait and see what the result will be, but I have every confidence in this.

20 January, 2019


Fair and clear consultation by Rozemarijn herself. No exaggerated sales pitch. On the day of treatment you are the only one in the clinic. This ensures a personal treatment and relaxed atmosphere. Treatment went almost painless, you feel the anesthetic injections. The advantage is that your head does not have to be completely shaved, only the sides. After a week and a half there was almost nothing left of the treatment. Now I wait for the result.

7 January, 2019

"Personal attention and honest conversation"

I visited many clinics to see what would be the best and still opted for eClinic. Other clinics try to seduce you with extra graft and beautiful stories, but here you just get the honest story. The personal service also appealed to me.

The treatment was painless and after about half a year I have a beautiful bunch of hair again, which gives me a lot of peace. I would recommend the clinic to everyone!

5 January, 2019

"Small-scale, personal and very skilled"

From the consultation, interim questions, preparation, complete up to the follow-up, there is contact with the doctor who is also the owner of the clinic. The fact that the execution and responsibility from A to Z lies with this doctor, together with the pleasant personal contact and the quick and complete treatment of questions, means that I immediately opted for this clinic without further "shopping".
Afterwards I am very satisfied with this choice. The treatment and the "side effects" have been better than expected. Because of the approach and supervision of this clinic it was not necessary to completely shave my head and I did not suffer from swelling. The inconvenience of the treatment has been kept to a minimum. After a week there was nothing left of the treatment.
For the time being (2 weeks after the treatment) I am very satisfied with the result. The applied hairs have already grown a few millimeters and the coverage in the previously balding area has increased beyond expectations.
As a doctor, I therefore heartily recommend eClinic and Rosemary van Mondfrans-Hiemstra.

15 December, 2018

I got a tip about eClinic from a colleague - he was very positive and that made me decide to go too.
The treatment was super smooth and completely painless. Rosemary and her team are very relaxed and knowledgeable, so the transplant went well.
In short top experience and a tip for everyone: don't hesitate but just go to Laren

25 October, 2018

Assessment Eyebrow transplantation “excellent”
I was very nervous but these nerves disappeared like snow in the sun when I got there. Sincerely kind, caring and very professional. For now no annoying side effects and very satisfied with the shape of my eyebrows. I definitely recommend Eclinic.

19 October, 2018

Assessment Eyebrow transplant

"Friendly and clear guidance"

Rosemary is a friendly and knowledgeable doctor. During the consultation she clearly explained what was going to happen and what I could expect. When I later forgot to ask something, I sent her an email and I quickly got an answer.
Her assistant was present at the treatment (Saturday) and she was also very friendly and reassuring.
After the treatment again a clear explanation of what I could and should not do and I could call if I had questions.
The Monday after the treatment, Rozemarijn called me to check how everything had gone.
After 2 weeks I had to come back for a check-up and photos of my eyebrows (was also done for the treatment).
My one eyebrow is a little bit narrower than the other and I was promised that I can have it adjusted when the eyebrow is fully healed and has fully "blossomed" if I still want to.
All in all very satisfied

30 September, 2018

Careful treatment.
Clear information
Good experience.
Looking forward to the final result.

1 September, 2018

After consultation at two other clinics, the consultation at eClinic was particularly transparent in comparison. Sales pitch was not an issue and I got a clear picture of the treatment and what I could expect.
On the day itself you are the only one present which makes it a bit more personal and the treating doctor and her assistants are very friendly and approachable. Also the consultation some time after the treatment was good with sufficient attention to any questions I still had.
That way I can definitely recommend this clinic for someone who is considering a hair transplant and is looking for a clinic where the doctor does the treatment himself.

30 August, 2018

"Top treatment"
Through this website I came across eClinic. I easily booked a consultation via the website. The appointment was confirmed within one day. I had a conversation with the treating doctor. She has taken ample time to explain everything to me and has answered all my questions. It was not a rushed conversation like my experience at other clinics. On the day of the treatment I was the only client. They had all the time and attention for me. The doctor went through the treatment with me again and reassured me. I felt the sting of the anesthetic, but otherwise painless. Even after the anesthesia had worked out I had little pain. I did not have to take paracetamol for the pain. I am now 4 weeks further and I am satisfied with the result so far. I highly recommend this clinic. Are you still looking for a clinic, then I would definitely visit here for a consultation.

20 July, 2018

Very personal contact and very friendly. The doctor does the treatment herself and you are always asked if you are fine, you are the only client on the treatment day.

5 June, 2018

Information in advance during the consultation was very professional. It was well indicated what is possible, but also what is not possible! Absolutely the feeling that it is not going for as many sales as possible but for honest advice.
The clinic itself is clean and efficient. Great that you are always the only client present, so you really get all the attention.
The doctor is friendly and pleasant to deal with, she listens well and keeps all appointments.

The treatment has since gone well and the follow-up contact well organized.

Now wait and see how they will grow. I sincerely recommend this clinic to everyone!

26 March, 2018

Consultation was professional, I liked it. Appeared to be very realistic. The fact that the clinic only specializes in hair transplantation was reassuring. In addition, there is a lot of personal attention. On the day of the hair transplant, you are the only patient in the clinic and this feels great. The treatment was good and professional. I have been to a number of clinics but in my opinion eClinic is the best. Other clinics come across commercially with discounts and lies about when results are visible. At eClinic you are sure that you will not throw away your money. Class.

16 March, 2018

The clinic is not large, which has the advantage that the day of treatment is devoted entirely to you personally. The doctor radiate professionalism and is friendly, in addition to the treatment they are happy to chat with you. The treatment itself went well and the doctor checked occasionally how I was doing and if I wanted some water, if I wanted to lay differently, had to go to the toilet, etc., which was very nice. All in all a very good clinic in which a lot of care goes out to the client.

10 January, 2018

Keloids emerged from the online questionnaire that is made prior to the treatment. As a result, it was not certain whether I would be suitable for such treatment. To rule this out, the doctor decided to do a test on my head beforehand. Because of this they knew after check that everything would go well. This immediately indicated how professional they work. During the treatment, it also turned out that I have an intolerance to anesthetics. Because of this it all went a little less smoothly than usual and even at the end of the day the desired result was still not achieved. Although the doctor could not know this and they do not experience this on a daily basis, they remained calm and professional. They took no risk whatsoever and allowed me to decide whether or not to continue with the treatment. After the treatment I was offered to do another session in order to achieve the desired result or to receive part of the money back. I myself have chosen to do another treatment. Prior to that, they ordered another anesthetic and a different needle. Unfortunately, this did not matter either. Although I have not had the most pleasant treatment, I can judge that these doctors are not only there to treat as many customers as possible in the shortest possible time. The wishes and interests of the customer are really at the top. In the meantime the new hairs are starting to grow considerably and I am really looking forward to the end result. Thanks again for the treatment and care / aftercare.

16 October, 2017

A very sweet expert doctor is involved! Nothing but praise. Despite the long surgery, she makes you feel very comfortable.Irene

11 October, 2017

Accessible contact which was very pleasant. Well informed.

15 September, 2017

Yesterday - 15/09/17 - underwent a hair transplant - you are tense beforehand as you do not know what to expect. However, the nervous feeling is quickly removed by the attending physician and assistant. Personal contact, excellent service, "putting you at ease" are central to me regarding this intensive day which nevertheless has an impact on you. As the day progresses you feel more and more "at home" through the somewhat personal bond that you eventually get. For me, eClinic is a somewhat smaller, more homely and personal clinic that appealed to me, along with the professional guidance and personalities of the ladies, the whole day went smoothly in the end! to be allowed to do another hair transplant for a few months, but with the knowledge of today, a day that I don't mind and where you end up getting more self-assured! In short: a must! .. in case of doubt do it anyway! :-) With friendly greetings - Robert van den Heuvel

20 August, 2017

Eyebrow transplant: It is nice that you are helped personally and that it is not a conveyor belt treatment. Dr. Rosemary takes a lot of time for explaining and treatment. Only 1 patient per day is helped, which is great because there is no pressure on the doctor and on time. So there are no assembly line treatments. I have had a full eyebrow transplant. When determining the position and the model, extensive attention was paid to what I thought was good. The treatment went well, despite the nerves, but there was also time and space for that. There had to be numbed regularly. But everything was indicated. The healing process of the eyebrow took longer than expected for me. A lot of itching (don't underestimate this), blue, and flakes, which meant I had to take longer time off because I couldn't go to work that way. Dr. Rozemarijn attends to it. I am now 4 months further and I cannot say much about the result because it must take 10 months to a year for results. At the moment I think I should have a follow-up treatment that is included in the price, because the eyebrow is not yet full enough. The hair loss cycle would be after 12 weeks, this happened to me with 9 weeks and lasted a few weeks before something came again. In short, change is visible and I have more hair than before, except I don't expect it to become a beautiful full eyebrow. I will write a review about this later. Whether the price is in proportion to the result, I can only answer later when I am 10 months further and how the clinic deals with possible after-treatment. If you have an interest in contacting me by telephone about my experiences, you can request the telephone number from Dr Rozemarijn, I fully understand that I would have liked it myself, since it is not something you let do. Greetings Bianca

29 June, 2017

The pre- and post-treatment you will be guided very well and you will receive the correct instructions. The treatment itself went very well and went well. The result is quickly visible. Will take some getting used to when the hairs will fall out again. The real result will be fully visible in about a year. I'm already counting the days. The accessibility is good and you are the only customer on the treatment day, so all attention is paid to you and that feels good. Would recommend the clinic to everyone!

19 May, 2017

Good information and perfect guidance. Very careful and honest advice as to what the options are. In addition, they also provide information exactly what happens during the treatment.

26 February, 2017

Clear & personal approach. No surprises and an excellent result!

19 February, 2017

Very good experience with eClinic. During the consultation the details of the treatment were extensively discussed so that I had a clear picture of what I could expect. There was regular communication with me during the treatment so that extra anesthesia was administered in a timely manner in the event that this was necessary (the anesthesia worked a lot less for me than with most). went quickly and went without problems.

30 November, 2016

Drs. Rosemary van Mondfrans-Hiemstra does the job well. I am very satisfied with the result and the entire process. In addition, it is of course nice that the communication went with 1 person, and certainly good too. Super!

15 November, 2016

The eyebrow transplant treatment has been explained excellently through a personal conversation. In addition, there was enough room to ask questions and the PowerPoint presentation was very clear! Highly recommended!

14 September, 2016

Excellent experience at this clinic, from consultation to treatment, very friendly people who clearly explain all steps, the doctor always explained what was going to happen, well-spent time and yet the treatment went very fast, I felt nothing after the mean anesthetic needle and had no pain after the anesthetic wore off. In the consultation I am convinced by the so-called implanter pen that ensured that I would not get all nicks, but that the hair would be placed in it with care and under a natural angle. It is now only a few days ago but it is clear to see that it will give a natural result. I also thought it was very good that I went home with a clear description and maintenance products and medicines. In short: definitely recommended!

9 July, 2016

If you choose a clinic you should first visit other different clinics that I have done. In addition, I also gathered a lot of information via the internet about the different techniques that are available on the market. In it, eClinic is evolutionary. They basically use the FUE technique but when the grafts are out and they have to be put back they are different from all other clinics. You will not be cut with a lot of blood loss. At eClinic they use a special lancing pen, I call it. This has the advantage that relatively little blood flows and they can use this pen to properly determine the direction of growth of the graft. In addition, all grafts also immediately reach the correct depth. Even when the anesthetic has worn off, it is not too bad with the pain. The first night slept reasonably and today removed the bandage at the rear. The redness of the implant part is almost gone. I am very curious to see what the end result will look like, but we will only know about this in 7 to 12 months. So just wait and see. Have not regretted it yet and can recommend this clinic for everyone. Find here also the advantage that they only do hair transplantation and nothing else and you are the only one treated that day, so no rush or assembly line work.

16 March, 2016

For such a radical treatment you want the best advice and the best treatment (with best long-term effect for the client) by a team with medical authority and high integrity. In my opinion, this is well met. You also notice that doctors have honor and enjoyment in their work / profession and go for the best result with the client.

21 October, 2015

Finally a clinic that is transparent in its advice. You will receive a clear answer to your questions in both the medical and cosmetic fields. Of course the technique of replacing the hair follicles has been the choice for this clinic. The method of this clinic is where the hair follicles are transferred in a good and natural way with a special implant pen. My expectations after the consultation were clearly met after the treatment.

19 October, 2015

October 16th I went for a hair transplant. As a woman a fairly lande treatment. I am reassured on all sides and all the time has been taken for me. When the treatment could not be started due to high blood pressure, there was no problem because you are the only client on such a day. I found the personal approach and understanding of my situation very pleasant and I would definitely choose this clinic again next time.

17 September, 2015

When I was 39 years old, my hair on top of my head had become considerably thinner and "pulling back" had started (enlarging the temples where there is no hair). I then decided to do something about this because it has to do with a bit of self-image AND there were opportunities AND women do everything to look better. Then men can at least have a hair transplant to look better and younger. At that time, the FUE technique was not yet known and was therefore performed with FUT (strip of skin removed from the back of the head for the hair follicles, which will be implanted later in the scalp). Incidentally, I did not let this Clinic do this then. Now I am now 45 years old, the hairs that were implanted are still there, but on top of my head the hair has become thinner by the fact that natural hairs have been lost. Even now I wanted to do something about this, but I didn't want to have skin cut out of my head again. I had heard something about left and right about new technologies and after searching the internet, I came across this new technology. The hair follicles are removed from the back of the head one by one and inserted into the right place, right depth and direction with a specially developed implant pen. In the meantime I have had this treatment done (FUE), and can tell that it is totally incomparable in terms of surgery with (FUT). FUE is a mild way to get a full head of hair again without pain and long-term recovery. The hair follicles can also be placed close to each other through the implant pen, which increases the density. The knowledge, the FUE method, the special implant pen, the customer-friendliness, the conviction of the quality of the own product and enthusiasm about this, have made me decide for eClinic.

17 May, 2015

Yesterday, May 17, I had a hair transplant. About 4 years ago, at the age of 19, my hair loss started on my crown. I became very insecure about this and my self-confidence became less. That is why I undoubtedly decided to do a hair transplant. Two weeks before the treatment I had a very professional conversation about the possibilities and my wishes. During the interview I also received a fantastic PowerPoint presentation about the Fue techniques for a hair transplant. I was very well informed of all the information I needed for a transplant. Everything was so clear that I immediately decided to do the treatment. During the treatment day I received a very warm welcome and I immediately felt at home. Before the treatment I had to fill in all the medical papers and after that I was very kindly received by the assistant. My blood pressure was measured, I was shaved and all further procedures were taken. During the treatment I never had any pain (and not afterwards). The doctor and her assistant were very friendly and I clearly saw that they knew what they were doing. In short highly skilled and very professional. I was very impressed with the clinic as a whole. The whole I really give a big 9.5. Now just be patient for the end result. Thank you very much for the very professional and above all friendly and qualitative approach !!

5 May, 2015

I was very impressed with what I had seen, the first consultation takes about 45 mins to 1 hour where everything was explained exactly from start to finish of the operation process and also the recovery period. Later I had the treatment and there are not enough words for how happy and satisfied I am, this is the most professional treatment I have ever had and the medical staff is without a doubt the best. If you have to choose a clinic for a hair transplant then it must be eClinic without a doubt, you will not be disappointed.

23 March, 2015

On March 12 I had my temples treated by this clinic. The treatment went very well. I did not suffer during and after the hair transplant. Now I am 2 weeks further and I see the hairs grow. Now we have to wait for the end result, but I am convinced that it will be alright.

15 February, 2015

After completing a medical questionnaire, photos were made of the area on my head and I spoke to the doctor about my wishes. I then had to change clothes and my blood pressure was measured. That turned out to be too high on which I was given a 5 mg diazepam. The doctor reassured me that this does occur more often because of the tension of undergoing a hair transplant and that the diazepam can lower blood pressure. It did fall, but not enough, after which the doctor, after about an hour and a number of re-checks, decided not to let it go ahead. But my body clearly indicated the limit, and which the doctor listened well. Also nothing but praise for the follow-up. I received all my money back the same day, even the costs they incurred I did not have to pay. What a service.

27 January, 2014

I wanted a hair transplant because I am still young and wanted to do something about the temples. The only 'disadvantage' is that your donor area must have short hair. eClinic provides excellent information, fine 1 on 1 treatment and genuine aftercare.

20 January, 2014

I am very satisfied with the way you are treated both personally and medically. Fine treatment and medical staff gives you a lot of confidence to discuss and solve your hair problems. Very thorough treatment.

10 January, 2014

Hi folks, Ben j.l behandeld in de kliniek en zeer goed ontvangen. Alles naar wens verlopen en geen rariteiten beleeft tot vandaag. Toekomst - (plus minus 12 mnd) - moet het uiteindelijke resultaat weerleggen. Leuke dokters(meiden) die hun vak verstaan en spontaan....So long....ciao....

18 December, 2013

Hi folks, Ben j.l was treated in the clinic and was very well received. Everything went according to plan and did not experience any oddities until today. Future - (plus minus 12 months) - final result proved. Nice staff (girls) who understand their profession and spontaneously .... So long .... ciao ....

16 December, 2013

I have had my temples and top of the head treated. What I find an advantage of this clinic is the good services, fast treatment. You won't feel any pain because of the anesthetic.

Before and after photos

eClinic Haartransplantaties | Reviews Photo before
eClinic Haartransplantaties | Reviews Photo after
eClinic Haartransplantaties | Reviews Photo before
eClinic Haartransplantaties | Reviews Photo after
eClinic Haartransplantaties | Reviews Photo before
eClinic Haartransplantaties | Reviews Photo after
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