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“For years I have had thin, almost absent eyebrows. From my adolescence, I became very aware of this. At a later age I started to do anything to make my thin eyebrows look fuller. Regular make-up, permanent make-up, hairstrokes, tattoo, what money I have invested in this in recent years! eClinic has not only ensured that the tattoos are no longer visible, but also that the shape of the eyebrow has become much more beautiful. So go to eClinic for an eyebrow transplant: I get so many compliments! If only I had done this years before ”

Hair transplants of the eyebrows are increasingly performed in our clinic. In the past the treatment was often used for a scar, but now we see it more as a cosmetic treatment after, for example, too much epilation or when permanent make-up has not been applied correctly.

Specialist treatment: eyebrows

An eyebrow transplant is a very specialized treatment in the field of hair transplants, eClinic offers this treatment and its the choice for you.
So do you have a scar, too much epilation or has your permanent makeup been applied incorrectly?
Very annoying, but you can do something about it.

Many people want beautifully groomed eyebrows. Some want eyebrows that are tattooed, but the tattoo often needs updating.
Sometimes people don’t have eyebrows due to a condition. Something can be done about it now.
Hair transplant of the eyebrows is a very beautiful and refined treatment to get fuller eyebrows.

  • Do you have eyebrows that are partially gone?
  • Is there an annoying scar in your eyebrow?
  • Or do you just want a fuller brow?

You can tackle these issues with an eyebrow transplant.
Today there is no longer any taboo around a visit to a hair transplant clinic and we can treat bald spots fairly easily.
No days in the hospital, no bed rest of a week. Just go back home and relax with your treatment.
At eClinic, the treatments are performed by medical specialists and you have a private room during the treatment day.

Procedure for an eyebrow transplant

The hairs for the eyebrows are removed from the back of the head using the FUE method. A small part of the back of the head is numbed for this. This feels a bit like the pricks at the dentist. With the FUE method we remove hair follicles including healthy hair with a small punch and place the so-called “graft” elsewhere in the scalp. This method is almost painless, causes virtually no blood loss or swelling and leaves no long scars.

After a few hours (depending on the size of the treatment area) you can go home again. And of course you will be offered a delicious lunch from midday.

eClinic hair transplants offers two FUE techniques

The Standard FUE and the Micro FUE.

With the Standard FUE a small punch is used: grafts of 1-5 hairs are put back.

With the Micro FUE, sometimes also called the stem cell FUE, grafts of 1-3 hairs are moved. With this technique you can greatly increase the density in a specific location and you can undergo multiple hair transplants.
Some people also have the chance of developing white spots with the Standard technique, which is not present with the Micro technique.

During the free consultation

Before a transplant can take place, it is very important that the skin is examined by a doctor. This is done during a free consultation by the eClinic doctor. This is necessary to determine whether the thinning of the eyebrow is caused by a skin disease or indeed by epilation or scar. Certain skin diseases can also cause hair loss in the eyebrow.

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Before and after photos

eClinic Haartransplantaties | Eyebrow transplant Photo before
eClinic Haartransplantaties | Eyebrow transplant Photo after
eClinic Haartransplantaties | Eyebrow transplant Photo before
eClinic Haartransplantaties | Eyebrow transplant Photo after
eClinic Haartransplantaties | Eyebrow transplant Photo before
eClinic Haartransplantaties | Eyebrow transplant Photo after
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