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Treatments at eClinic Hair Transplants

At eClinic you will be introduced to the physician treating you personally and not a consultant during the consultation. The entire treatment is also performed by the doctor at eClinic. This is by no means the case with all clinics. So you don’t see all kinds of different people. This makes our treatments personal and professional.

eClinic hair transplants and our treatments

A hair transplant is a medical cosmetic treatment. Hair is moved from one place to another. But it also happens that a hair transplant is done to repair the result of a hair disease or skin condition. Baldness can result therefore from a number of various causes.

Our different hair transplants:

  • For men: crown, temples, scars. But also eyebrows and, for example, body hair transplants. The bald spots found in men is often caused by the genetic form of baldness. This sometimes also occurs with women. It is a good case to treat with a hair transplant. Baldness in women often has a different cause than in men. Women often have a form of dropout that usually occurs under stressfull conditions.
  • For women: often hair loss on the top of the head, which initially does not manifest itself clearly on the sides.
  • Eyebrows: due to failed tattooing / permanent make-up or too much epilation, a skin disease or the use of medications.
  • Scars on the head or in the eyebrows are things that can also be treated with a hair transplant.
  • A bare spot that has been present since birth.
  • Body hair transplants are also possible, for example chest hair to the head and similar.

eClinic hair transplants are personal

A free consultation at eClinic is easy to book via our online agenda: free consultation

At eClinic the doctor, not a consultant, will check if you are suitable for a hair transplant. That means we will look at the hair and skin. Because not everyone is the same, it is important that at the consultation all the details are discussed  specifically for you.

A treatment plan is then drawn up for you, so that you immediately know what is involved and what the costs will be for you.
The treatment in our clinic is performed by medical specialists.

Transparency and openness with eClinic

Our treatments and the information about them are very transparent. That means that we will inform you clearly and openly about the hair transplant.
So no small print with us!

Today you can easily make an appointment yourself for this free consultation for a hair transplant. You can use the online appointment tool. You can even schedule your appointment in the evenings or during the weekend, so there is always a time that suits you.
eClinic stands for open and personal contact with clients. We attach great importance to providing clear information about the treatment and we find it important that clients leave the clinic with a feeling of satisfaction.

Need more information?

Book a free consultation online now.

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Before and after photos

eClinic Haartransplantaties | Our treatments Photo before
eClinic Haartransplantaties | Our treatments Photo after
eClinic Haartransplantaties | Our treatments Photo before
eClinic Haartransplantaties | Our treatments Photo after
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