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eClinic, drs. Rozemarijn van Mondfrans-Hiemstra

For your hair transplant from crown, temples to eyebrows or a scar choose eClinic in Laren NH.

Very easy to reach and centrally located in the Netherlands.

  • entire treatment by eClinic’s doctor, Dr. Rozemarijn van Mondfrans-Hiemstra
  • discreet location of clinic
  • free consultation
  • one treatment per day, so no assembly line
  • consultation by a doctor
  • Available 24/7 after treatment
  • private patient room available on treatment day
  • almost 10 years of experience

The free consultation

At eClinic, during the free consultation, you will be introduced to the physician treating you, eClinic’s Rozemarijn van Mondfrans-Hiemstra and not a consultant. The entire treatment is also performed by the doctor at eClinic. This is by no means the case with all clinics. So you don’t see all kinds of different people. This makes our treatments personal and professional.


Hair transplantation is personal

The doctor discusses all possibilities with the client and examines whether he / she is suitable for a hair transplant. We always look at the personal situation and then examine the skin and hair to determine the cause of baldness.


Transparent and personal

eClinic stands for open and personal contact with its clients. We attach great importance to providing clear information about the treatment and we find it important that clients leave the clinic satisfied.


Need more information?

Book a free consultation online now!

This is also possible in the evening hours and on the weekend. Is your preferred time not listed? Call us on 035-6315295 or email us at

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