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Dr. Rozemarijn van Mondfrans-Hiemstra

Dr. Rozemarijn van Mondfrans-Hiemstra graduated in 2010 from the VU in Amsterdam. After her medical studies she started working at a clinic for cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments. There she mainly focused on Dermatology. Skin conditions have interested her since childhood. Treating them at a later age was therefore also a logical step in her career.

Later she was offered the opportunity to specialize in hair transplants. Before that she has been to countries such as France, Sweden and Norway and has also received several training courses in the Netherlands.

Because she always wanted to start her own business, she set up eClinic.

Dr. Van Mondfrans-Hiemstra is open in her approach and makes sure that people feel at ease.



I am Mirjam, a nurse and a long time ago I ended up in the hair transplant world. I am a mother of three fantastic kids and have a very sweet and nice husband.

I feel like a blessed person. I can say that I have really been able to turn my passion into my work. The combination of the attention for the customer all day long, medical-cosmetic procedures, independent but also close cooperation with my colleagues makes this the best job for me. I have worked at various clinics in the past 17 years and gained the necessary experience there, I have also been self-employed for a while, but I soon missed the close cooperation with permanent colleagues.

As soon as I met Rozemarijn I immediately had a click, nice to meet a doctor who has as much in common in terms of vision as I do. My other regular colleague is Anne, with her I have worked at 2 other clinics and this means that we feel each other flawlessly. In short, you are in very good hands with eClinic, so that the healthy tension that you may experience on the morning of treatment will disappear as soon as you enter the clinic and you feel completely at ease, that is an important goal for me because otherwise the day will take a very long time.

 Hopefully I can meet you soon in our beautiful clinic in Laren!


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