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eClinic has been working with a combination of the micro FUE and DHI methods for 12 years in a row.

Due to increased interest in these methods, we will explain what they are and what exactly are their advantages. First let’s look at micro FUE.

Micro FUE

FUE stands for follicular unit extraction, or the removal of the follicles with hair. So this is a means of extraction. With this method we use a very narrow needle with which we remove the hairs/grafts.

The advantage of this is, firstly, that you can still extract up to, say, four or five hairs, which you need to create density. A second advantage is that because of the fine needle used, you create much smaller spots that are barely visible with the naked eye, compared to the ‘normal’ larger needle. You actually remove a lot of skin with the normal technique, which is not necessary but does produce more scar tissue.

In short, the FUE method is only a means for taking out.

Micro FUE vs normale FUE

Micro FUE Normale FUE
Smaller spots in the donor area which are barely visible Larger spots so more visible afterwards
Small grafts still density due to also 4-5 hairs Always big grafts

Below we explain a little more about DHI.


DHI stands for Direct Hair Implant. or direct hair insertion, which concerns the implanting or restoring of the hair.

With this technique we use an implanter pen with which we put the hairs/grafts back. An implanter pen is a type of pen with a hollow needle. A hair/graft is inserted into the needle. With an implanter pen you first make a hole with the needle of the pen, and IMMEDIATELY put back the hair/graft that is already slid INTO that same needle. This is accomplished in a single action.

Often the insertion is accomplished firstly by making all the holes in the skin. Once this is completed, then they are filled with hair/grafts using tweezers. These are two separate actions.

The advantage of DHI is in the first place that the implantation is a single action instead of two actions. As a result the second advantage is that the time that the hairs are outside the body shorter. A third advantage is that because the hairs are IN the steel needle, the chance of damage with use is quite small. A fourth advantage, is that the direction can be determined just as well, but the depth can be adjusted with this needle, so you cannot go too deep or on the surface. This can be done with a knife or regular needle. If you place it too deeply, you can get many pimples and if you place it on the surface, you can lose the hair faster.

A very nice instrument if, like us, you already have 12 years of experience!!

DHI vs knife/needle and then tweezers

DHI Knife / needle and then tweezers
Creates hole with needle that already contains hair/craft Knife/needle to create the hole
You leave the hair / graft immediately in the hole created Tweezers to put hair / graft in hole
Correct depth Variable depth
One action Two actions
Less chance of damage Greater chance of damage
Time outside the body shorter Time outside the body longer

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