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Do you have clearly visible temples and the front is also thin? We can treat you in one day. Prices start from 4.050 euros.

This includes VAT, medicines and other items that you need after the treatment, and the checkups after the treatment.

Personalization at eClinic

A hair transplant is personal. Each person needs a different number of grafts for an area. This is why at eClinic we look at the surface and then tell you what you need.Why do more than you need? It will cost you more and our way of working allows you to have another area treated. We ensure that you do not have an exhausted donor area after treatment.

Transparency at eClinic

You can count the grafts with us. The assistant will explain the grafts to you and you can look through the microscope with them if you wish.

1.500+ treatments
Free consultation with doctor
Entire treatment by medical specialists
12,5 years of experience