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Hair transplants in a scar

“A young man came to us because of a fairly large scar on his head. This area was a remnant of a treatment he had undergone for skin cancer. With this person, that place was clearly visible to others and he was therefore very insecure. When we saw him again after a year, it was clear that he had become much more confident. That is incredibly beautiful to experience. ”

The difference between normal skin and scar tissue

Normal skin is soft, pink and contains all the structures that the skin normally needs.

Scar tissue is often stiffer, whiter and structures have disappeared, including hair follicles. When one has a scar on a hairy head, it is often a place where no hair follicle can be found anymore. Because of this, such a place often stands out. This also has to do with the color of the skin that is usually whiter than elsewhere.

It may also be that scar tissue is very thin, in which case there are often blood vessels visible just below the skin. This area is extra vulnerable to damage.

Have a hair transplant carried out in a scar by a specialist

Because scar tissue can be so different in structure, thick and stiff or thin and fragile, it is important to have a hair transplant in a scar carried out by a specialist in this field. The technique involved in the hair transplant of a thick and stiff scar is completely different in a scar that is thin and vulnerable.

Which places / scars are possible?

When hair is transplanted from a scar, most people may think of a place on the hairy head that was caused by an accident. But other locations and causes are possible where a hair transplant of a scar can also take place.

For example, consider a place on the hairy head that is caused by skin cancer. Or a scar on an eyebrow for whatever reason.

Hair transplant in a scar, how does eClinic do it?

At eClinic the doctor will examine the scar tissue. The structure of the scar tissue but also the thickness of the skin is examined. These two things determines which technique will have to be applied in the scar. The cause of the scar will also be asked. This is necessary to prepare a good treatment plan for you.

Sometimes it is necessary to provide the scar with phased hair. This is because scar tissue contains fewer blood vessels than normal tissue. The hairs that are replaced during the first treatment must be provided with sufficient energy to be able to grow well again. The skin must also be able to recover normally. It is better to achieve a nice end result with two treatments.

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