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For your hair transplant of crown, temples, eyebrows or a scar choose eClinic in Laren NH.

Very easy to reach and centrally located in the Netherlands.

  • entire treatment by doctor
  • clinic is very discreetly located
  • free consultation
  • one treatment per day, so you are not part of an assembly line
  • consultation by a doctor
  • Available 24/7 after treatment
  • own patient room available on treatment day
  • almost 10 years of experience


A hair transplant in Nijmegen, Wijchen, Malden, Beuningen and the surrounding area can mean a lot to anyone who has to deal with hair loss and / or baldness. This can manifest itself in all sorts of appearances, such as a growing crown, but also larger temples, falling eyebrows and bald spots that are caused by injuries or have been present since birth. In almost all of these cases it is possible to have the hair grow back again by means of a hair transplant.
Of course you do not have a hair transplant carried out by the first “best hair technician” or by non-qualified persons. If you want to undergo a hair transplant in the Nijmegen region, then you travel a little further and to come to us. eClinic is a leading clinic that specializes in hair transplantation. You will find us in the center of Laren, where we are easily accessible and of course can offer you complete privacy.

eClinic helps you further

At eClinic we can perform hair transplants. There are cosmetic treatments to prevent baldness and to remedy existing baldness. However, it also happens that a hair transplant is done to repair the result of a hair disease or skin condition. Baldness can have various causes.

Below you can see which disorders or illnesses we can treat:

  • Alopecia Androgenetica is the most common form of baldness. It is therefore also called “classic male pattern baldness.” Most men experience this to a greater or lesser extent, but it also occurs with women. Baldness is often different in women than in men. Women often have to deal with a diffuse form of drop-out that usually starts with splitting.
  • Alopecia Diffusa can be the result of a severe illness with high fever or contact with high doses of certain medications. Quite a few cancer drugs can also cause baldness.
  • Traction Alopecia is caused by the extreme tightening of the hair, for example when crimping or braiding hair. Traction causes the follicle to be lifted out of the scalp and reduced blood flow resulting in permanent hair loss..
  • Alopecia Areata is a hair condition where an inflammatory process around the hair root in the hair roots impedes their function and therefore also in their growth.
  • Eyebrows that suddenly fall out
  • Scars that need to be filled
  • A bald spot that has been there since birth

As you can see, in almost most cases you can come to us for a hair transplant from Nijmegen, Wijchen, Malden, Beuningen or the surrounding area. Only diabetics, people with epilepsy and people without hair can unfortunately not be treated for medical reasons.

Free consultation and personal treatment plan

Make an appointment with eClinic today for a free consultation! You can schedule this yourself with us from our website. In this consultation you will meet your doctor. You remain the entire process under the treatment of this doctor and you will not have to deal with all kinds of different people. This makes a hair transplant in the Nijmegen region at eClinic personal and professional.

At eClinic you will be introduced to the physician treating you personally and not a consultant during the consultation. The entire treatment is also performed by the doctor at eClinic. This is by no means the case with all clinics. So you don’t see all kinds of different people. This makes our treatments personal and professional.

Hair transplants are personal

The doctor discusses all possibilities with the client and examines whether he / she is suitable for a hair transplant. We always look at the personal situation and then examine the skin and hair to determine the cause of baldness.

Transparent and personal

eClinic stands for open and personal contact with clients. We attach great importance to providing clear information about the treatment and we find it important that clients leave the clinic feeling satisfied.


Need more information?

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This is also possible in the evenings and on the weekend. Is your preferred time not listed? Feel free to call us on 035-6315295 or email us at


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